The #HeartBeetChallenge & The Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease

The #HeartBeetChallenge & The Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease

February brings with it National Heart Month, a crucial period dedicated to spotlighting heart health and inspiring positive lifestyle changes. We invite you to join us for our #HeartBeetChallenge, a compelling initiative rooted in the rejuvenating power of juicing for heart health pair with lifestyle change. 

Having grappled with high blood pressure for decades, I turned to juicing as a wellness practice, particularly embracing nutrient-rich ingredients like beets. Witnessing the profound impact on my health, I launched the #HeartBeetChallenge to share this transformative experience with my community. 

What makes the #HeartBeetChallenge even more urgent is the alarming reality that cardiovascular disease stands as the leading cause of death for women in the United States. This challenge is a rallying cry to address this pressing issue and encourage a proactive approach to heart health.

Beyond being a call to action, the challenge seeks to foster a community of wellness & joy enthusiasts dedicated to preventing cardiovascular disease through the incorporation of heart-friendly ingredients like beets into their daily routines. Joy Juice Culture is bigger than juicing; it’s a celebration of the joy found in reclaiming our health.

As we navigate National Heart Month, let’s unite in the #HeartBeetChallenge to combat cardiovascular disease, especially recognizing its impact on women. Together, we can empower each other to make heart-healthy choices and rewrite the narrative on women’s heart health—one vibrant juice at a time.

With Joy,

Chantel Jones Bigby,

Founder & Chief Joy Officer 

Joy Juice Culture 

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